To report a user, either leave a message on one of the Bureaucrat's Talk pages, or leave a complaint Here. If necessary, a user will be banned to help the wiki function better. If a too many spam pages are created, we may also have to protect all pages from Unregistered Contributors, which would be a shame. Doing a bunch of Minor Offenses could add up to a major offense, for which the punishment is a short ban. Ban Offenses are Permanent bans, or Expulsion from the wiki. Minor Offenses are just warnings, giving users a nudge in the right direction.

Minor OffensesEdit

Things like swearing or creating a Spam Page.

Major OffensesEdit

Things like Bullying others or Creating Lots of Spam Pages or Vandalism.

Ban OffensesEdit

The Worst things you can do. Cheating, Hacking, Extreme Swearing or Vandalism. Repeated Offenses also go here.