There is an increasing trend towards the adoption or purchase of exotic animals to serve as pets by individuals looking for something a little less traditional than your typica house cat or canine companion.  In this wiki, I am simply going to present some options as to where one might seek out and purchase an exotic animal or pet.

Exotic Pet OptionsEdit

There are four primary methods one can use to locate the desired exotic animal they would like to introduce to their family.

First and probably the most traditional approach is to visit your local pet store.  While most run of the mill pet stores will only carry the standard pet options, some do specialize in reptiles or exotic birds and so forth.

The second option would be to seek out a particular animal from their breed specific rescue organization or agency.  There are [bird rescue groups] , [rescue groups] , and many more.

The next option would be to directly contact a breeder.  Generally, you would enter the specific type of exotic animal into your Google or Bing search box and add the word "breeder" and see what you get.  The advantage of working with a breeder is their wealth of knowledge and intimate understanding of the creatures.  One of the disadvantages is that it is more time consuming to contact individual breeders, there might not be any near you geographically or they might not have any babies currently for sale.

The fourth option that many are increasingly considering is the use of online classiifed ad marketplaces. These websites serve as modern day newspaper classifieds and behave in a manner similar to craigslist, just with a narrowed focus or specialization.  One of the largest sites for reptiles is Kingsnake .  Other sites similar to craigslist are Hoobly and a variety of others.  An up and comer to the exotic pets scene is Exotic Pets Headquarters.  Sites like Kingsnake and Exotic Pets Headquarters work hard to verify the authenticity of the ads by screening them whereas sites like Hoobly and Craigslist have very few safegaurds and are populated with fraudulent advertisements.

Searching for exotic animals for sale can be a lot of fun.  But, the fun can end quickly if you are not prepared and exercise due dilligence during the search process.  One more important note, please research the laws and regulations governing exotic pets ownership in your community and state.